Another MAC Dupe: Amber Lights Eyeshadow

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Do you remember your very first MAC eyeshadow?  Mine was Amber Lights.  Since it was my first purchase from MAC, it holds a special place in my heart!  It is the most beautiful copper shade for fall and I still love it.  MAC’s eyeshadows are gorgeous and really fun to collect, but sadly, they are expensive which means that I don’t splurge on them often.  Finding affordable dupes for high end makeup makes me very happy, so I have decided to continue this little series and share another another perfect twin for an expensive product!  If you love this copper shade as much as I do, I hope you’ll enjoy finding a cheaper version!
 Amber Lights Dupe

Amber Lights Dupe

Top: MAC Amber Lights // Bottom: Milani Bella Copper

 Milani’s Eyeshadow in the shade Bella Copper is the perfect match for Amber lights.  It is slightly darker and just a tad more sparkly, but it is hardly noticeable when on the eyes. Milani’s dupe costs $4.49, while MAC’s eyeshadow comes in at $16. I like each of these eyeshadows equally and think they look almost identical.  Neither of them have much fallout, although I can tell that MAC’s is just a bit higher in quality.  They are each super pigmented and long-wearing.  They may seem like a terrifyingly orange shade in the picture above, but I promise you that they are actually very wearable when applied on the eyelid.  They really bring out blue eyes, but also look amazing on any color!  I can’t get over this shade for fall accompanied by some gorgeous winged eyeliner!  I’ve already created a look with Amber Lights if you’d like to see it in action. 😉

MAC Amber Lights Dupe

Top: MAC Amber Lights // Bottom: Milani Bella Copper

high end makeup dupe Amber Lights Dupe Amber Lights Dupe MAC Amber Lights Dupe

Overall, I think that both of these eyeshadows are great!  MAC’s is a tad higher in quality, but the difference between the two shades is not that noticeable -especially when on the eyes.  I actually prefer that Bella Copper has more sparkle to it than Amber Lights since I love shimmery shades.  If you want to save some money on MAC eyeshadows, I recommend this dupe from Milani!  I am really impressed with the formula and I think you will be too!  There is hardly any difference between these two products and if you go for the cheaper version, you can save $10.50!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it has been helpful to you!  Are there any products you have discovered dupes for?  Are there any products that you’d like to see dupe’d?  Thanks so much for reading!



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19 thoughts on “Another MAC Dupe: Amber Lights Eyeshadow

  1. bapalaya says:

    Omg! Amber Lights was my first MAC eyeshadow as well! And that dupe looks so beautiful as well! In my experience sadly, I have found that the Bella eyeshadows can shatter really easily :/ be careful girlfriend! ♡

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