What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Hey there, beauties!

It’s been a bit over a year since I created this little space on the internet, which I love so dearly.  My blog is still in its toddler stages, just beginning to take its first virtual steps, but has already taught me so much.  Learning to blog has been an amazing experience and I grow to love and enjoy it more and more every day.  (Sorry for the amount of cheese, but it really is true)  I love the photography aspect of it.  Typing up my thoughts on all kinds of beautiful things is something that I really enjoy.  I realized that there are quite a few things that I’ve learned thus far which are worth mentioning, so mention the things I shall.

what blogging taught me

  1. Make sure you’re proud before you publish.

There have been times where I wanted to put new content on my blog so badly that I hit that publish button before I actually made sure the post was something that I was confident in. This has resulted in a bit of regret and quite a few times of using the delete button. In my opinion, it’s better to post less often and be super proud of what you do put out there on the internet than to be posting constantly and not be happy with your content.

  1. It’s ok to not be perfect.

This may seem like it contradicts the first point, but don’t beat yourself up for not being the best at blogging –especially when you’re just starting out! If you stress too much about the perfection of each and every post, the life will literally be sucked out of you through your miserable, typing fingers. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point? Blogging should be enjoyable. With every post, you’ll improve! Cut yourself some slack every once in a while and pat yourself on the back, because you are amazing.

  1. You make some great blogging buddies along the way.

As you continue to blog and make connections with people through the internet, it’s inevitable that you’ll make some great friendships! This makes blogging so much more fun. I am so glad that I’ve met such awesome people through this experience. It’s great to have internet pals that have your virtual back.

  1. Social media is really helpful… even though it can be a pain.

I have met so many amazing people who share my love for makeup and beauty through social media. It has helped me to grow my blog and connect with others. I am definitely not an expert on the topic and, honestly, social media stresses me out a bit, but Twitter and Instagram have really helped me out in the blogging department. Social media opens your doors to all kinds of opportunities!

  1. The more love you give others, the more you’ll get back.

If you find someone’s blog post interesting or entertaining, let them know! It is a great feeling to get feedback on the content that you put out there on the internet and, chances are, they’ll probably return your kind favor and check out some of your posts, too. So, spread the love, people, because everyone needs it.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you enjoyed seeing what this blog has taught me!  Do you have a blog? What has it taught you?



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21 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Blogging

  1. bapalaya says:

    Happy belated one year blogiversay! I’m so glad that I started following and interacting you every time I see you on her, Hanna! This was such a clever post, it’s so important to look back and reflect on what you’ve learned ❤ Keep up the amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

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