My Lash Stash | 5 Mascaras That Never Let Me Down

Hi there, beauties!

Mascara… One of the most important beauty items in existence, coming second only to brow pencils and their amazing “fleek” powers.  I love long, voluminous lashes and I feel naked when I don’t have mascara on.  Experimenting and trying out new formulas is one of my favorite things to do.  Anything that promises body and length -I’m all for it.

Over the years, I’ve had many hits and misses when it comes to mascara.  I’m pretty picky about the quality of black gel that coats my lashes and, most of the time, they tend to smudge on me.  My lashes like to lose their curl over the day, so I need mascaras that really keep those babies in place.  I’m pretty happy with my trusty stash of mascaras at the moment and I thought I would share them with you!

The Best Mascara The Best Mascara  

  • Covergirl Professional Start Waterproof Mascara – This mascara has the power to hold my lashes in place all day!  The brush separates them perfectly and gives me tons of length and volume.  It definitely lives up to its title of being waterproof, but is not such a pain to remove as Maybelline’s Rocket mascara, which is like dried cement and refuses to budge.  Covergirl’s on the other hand is a happy medium -it never smudges, but also is removable without having to rip all of my lashes out. Big thumbs up for this one!covergirl waterproof mascara
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – I absolutely LOVE the volume and length of this mascara.  However, when the tube is new, beware of how wet the formula is… it can get everywhere if you aren’t careful.  The first time I tested this out and applied it to my lashes, I happened to sneeze.  It was not pretty.  Eventually, I discovered that adding a light coat of waterproof mascara over top of Perversion makes it stay perfectly in place all day!  Now, Perversion with a coat of Covergirl’s Professional Start is my go-to lash combo.urban decay perversion mascara
  • Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara –  HOLY MOTHER OF CURL, this mascara lives up to its name!  What I love most about it is the terrifying, but glorious brush.  It may look scary, but NOTHING separates lashes and coats them so easily in just one swipe.  This mascara is perfect if you don’t like to spend an hour building up coats of mascara in the morning just to make it slightly noticeable.  It never clumps or loses curl.  My lashes look long and voluminous and stay in place all day with this lovely product.sephora outrageous curl mascara
  • Sephora Full Action Mascara – This mascara is what I reach for on those natural lash days.  It coats my lashes very lightly and never clumps up.  This one’s great if your looking for something that is not super noticeable.  It never smudges and always holds the curl in my lashes.  sephora full action mascara
  • Lancôme Définicils Mascara – This mascara is a rather recent one to my stash and I am so glad to own it!  I won it in a giveaway -Thank you, Savannah!- and it is now my current favorite!  It is incredible at defining my lashes and giving them tons of length.  It holds curl and stays in place all day.  The brush is perfect since I can tend to be a bit clumsy and blob mascara all over my eyelids when the brushes are bigger. *whoops*lancome definicils mascara

Thank you so much for reading!  What’s your favorite mascara?

The Best Mascara



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20 thoughts on “My Lash Stash | 5 Mascaras That Never Let Me Down

  1. harivain says:

    Mascara is my ‘stranded on the island, bring only one makeup’ item. But I love my drugstore ones from Malaysia (a little stingy with spending money on something that has such a short shelf life). My current favourite has been discontinued and I am on the lookout again for a new one. But yes, I LOVE MASCARA!!! I am obsessed with eyelashes! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stashmatters says:

    Lash stash – love it! ❤
    I agree: CoverGirl Professional mascara is amazing and often overlooked.
    I have to say though – I haven't tried ANY Of the others on your list. My favourite mascara is CoverGirl LashBlast Volume (the big fat orange tube!)
    Right now I'm using Bourjois Volume Glamour Max mascara and it's pretty good! The wand is a bit crazy massive but the formula is stellar. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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