The Body Shop Haul <3

Hello, beauties!

Today, I’ll be showing you the lovely things I picked up at The Body Shop (AKA the happiest place on earth).  This is one of my favorite stores, so I couldn’t resist buying a few more things than planned… Oops.  Let’s dig right in!

IMG_3876 IMG_3878

I ALWAYS see VelvetGh0st (Gabriella) from YouTube using The Body Shop’s InstaBlur Primer and raving about it.  She convinced me that I needed it in my life and after swatching it on my hand in the store, I had even higher hopes for it!  It blurred all the imperfections on my skin and made my hand SO. SMOOTH.  I can’t wait to give this a go on my face!  The lady at the store also told me it would control any oils, which is a plus!

IMG_3871 (1) IMG_3870

I next picked up their Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser.  I have extremely sensitive skin and have been on the lookout for a new gentle face wash.  I tried this out last night along with their Muslin Cloth, which I also picked up.  So far, I think it’s AMAZING. It will probably deserve a post of it’s own in the future.

IMG_3866 IMG_3863 IMG_3838 (1) \

I constantly have patchy, peeling skin all over my body.  That might be too much information, but we’re all friends here!  I really wanted something to help exfoliate and so I decided to pick up this Body Polisher.  I tried this out today and am loving it!

IMG_3840 (1)\

Next, I really wanted something from the Smoky Poppy line, so I picked up their travel size Body Butter and I am really loving this scent!

IMG_3843 (1) IMG_3844 (1) IMG_3845 (1)

I love any type of hydrating product that is sprayable, because I am lazy when it comes to moisturizing and spray bottles just make my life that much easier.  I decided to try out their Wild Argan Radiant Oil.  The scent is nice and not overpowering.  It looks beautiful on the skin and it can be used on the hair and face as well.

IMG_3859 (1)

I also picked up their Coconut Body Milk.  I am in LOVE with this.  It smells amazing and moisturizes my skin so well!

IMG_3833 IMG_3834

Their Shea scent is my absolute favorite, so I picked up their Body Whip.  I love this stuff!  It soaks into the skin super quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky at all!

IMG_3853 IMG_3857

Thanks so much for reading. ❤ I hope you all enjoyed seeing this haul!  What are your favorite products from The Body Shop that I need to try out?



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21 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul <3

  1. prettypinkaddict says:

    Loving the products in this haul! The Body Shop is the best 😉 I have yet to try and body butter products from them so I need to check those out on my next haul 😀 I have one of their Color Crush lipsticks in “Blushing Pink” and it’s so amazingly pigmented and creamy you have to try them out! *__*

    Liked by 1 person

    • lipsticklovely says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was eyeing their lipsticks while in the store and they looked so amazing! I watched some on my hand and fell in love so next time I’m in there, I’ll definitely need to pick one of their lipsticks up!! Thanks so much for the recommendation!! xo


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