MAC LIPSTICK GIVEAWAY!!! | One Year Blogging

Hello, lovelies!

GIVEAWAY Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.13.35 PM

It’s been one year since I started blogging and I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate with a giveaway!  I have had so much fun here, in my little corner of the internet, over the past year and am so excited to see what the next one brings! 🙂  I’ll be giving away one MAC lipstick of your choice!  This giveaway is international and ends on August 8th, 2015.

I am using rafflecopter to track votes and randomly pick a winner.  As you will see when you click the link to the giveaway, there are optional ways to enter using social media, but they are not required.  All you need to do is be following my blog and leave a comment of the shade you’d like!  If you do choose to use social media, you will just get entered more times into the contest!

If you’d like to win, ENTER HERE!!!

Thanks so much for reading!  Love you all!  Good luck! ❤



You can find me on social media (that counts as a social life, right?) :




224 thoughts on “MAC LIPSTICK GIVEAWAY!!! | One Year Blogging

  1. Yusur al-Safi says:

    Happy anniversary!! Ive been reading your blog since the beginning and cant believe how far youve gotten!:)
    My favorite mac lipstick is Please me or Plumful:) whats yours?

    Liked by 1 person

    • lipsticklovely says:

      Thank you!!! It means so much that you’ve read my blog all this time! I really appreciate it!! I am so glad that you like it! ❤ Those are such pretty lipsticks! I really love Mac's Modesty, Whirl, and Faux… it's so hard to choose just one! lol Mac's lipstick are just too gorgeous haha:)


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