Casual Summer Outfit of the Day | OOTD

Hi, everyone!

Today, I’ll be showing you the outfit that I put together for the summertime! I love how relaxed, but cute this look is!  It’s casual and comfortable but still looks like you put effort into the way you dress!  All of the clothes and jewelry I am wearing will be linked if you are interested in checking anything out. 🙂  Enjoy!


I purchased my kimono from Abercrombie and Fitch, but they no longer have the same print or style available, so I would recommend this one from American Eagle instead since it is a little more similar to the one I am wearing in the photo.  One good thing about the kimono from Abercrombie that is in stock is that it’s 40% off along with everything else right now, online!


I purchased my shorts and tank top from American Eagle (AKA my favorite place on earth).  These shorts are SO. COMFORTABLE.  I have them in every color since I love them so much and they are always on sale.  I purchased these for $25, which is what they are still on sale for right now!  The tank top is super comfortable and flowy.  I love the lace details on the neck and bottom edge.  I purchased this for $35.  American Eagle no longer sells the exact same tank top with the lace, but they have a bunch of extremely similar versions that are the same style.  I love everything from American Eagle since all of their clothing is extremely soft and stretchy -including jeans!

IMG_2707 (1)  IMG_2741IMG_2699 (1) IMG_2651IMG_2676 (1)IMG_2629IMG_0346

My necklace is from Forever21.  They no longer have the exact same necklace, but  they have many other similar heart patterns.  This cost $2.50.  If you are looking for some cute, cheap jewelry, I really recommend you look around Forever21!  Lastly, my toms were purchased from the Tom’s website for $48.  I LOVE these things and constantly wear them!


Thanks so much for reading!



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