A Little Ulta Splurge <3

Hello, lovelies:)

So, I may or may not have popped into Ulta the other day with a few things in mind that I really wanted to pick up.  But it’s Ulta we’re talking about here.  This place has magical powers that suck in every innocent passerby.  SO I picked up a few more things than planned.  It’s life.

I’ve been desperately needing some dry shampoo, so I picked up some from Batiste in the Fruity and Cheeky Cherry scent along with some Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold from NYX and Ardell’s 105 Natural lashes.  I love these lashes so much!  I use the liner on my inner corner when I want to have a really sparkly and dramatic look (that I usually wear to take pictures of and then proceed to sit on the couch and watch TV… I don’t put the glamour to use).

IMG_2329IMG_2350 IMG_2351IMG_2352 IMG_2349IMG_2347

My brows wanted to look like their idol Cara Delevigne, so I grabbed some brow pomade in Taupe and a brow pen in the universal light shade, which were each from Anastasia… I am so excited to own these.  I feel like I am now officially a beauty blogger because I have heard so much about Anastasia’s brow products and never owned them.  I then wanted some gel to hold the little caterpillars in place, so I picked up some Maybelline Brow Mascara in Blonde.  I like using lighter products to fill in my eyebrows since I already have brows that are pretty dark and thick on their own.  I just like to fill in any balder spots and make them a little bolder while lightening them up a bit.

IMG_2332IMG_2338IMG_2362IMG_2360 IMG_2361IMG_2359

I wanted to test out all of my new things to see how I like them, so I came up with a “dramatic, warm, teal, smoky eye… with a pop of gold”.  I am not good at naming things.  :/  I used all the new brow products along with the new lashes and gold liner and thought they all were amazing!   I highly recommend the brow pen if you’re looking for a natural brow product (I promise it’s not scary, even though it seems like you’re sharpie-ing on your brows)!


I hope that you enjoyed seeing my little haul! Thanks for reading<3



9 thoughts on “A Little Ulta Splurge <3

  1. Kristy says:

    How do you like the brow pen and pomade?! I have an Anastasia product currently but its powder and I feel like the pomade and pen would be better to use.


    • lipsticklovely says:

      I am really loving them! I think I like the pen even more than the pomade because it looks like real brow lashes (I think that’s what they’re called lol) when I use it and the brow pomade works amazingly, but is easier to go overboard with. I love both of these things though and I would definitely recommend them! They’re awesome! ❤


  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great haul! I’ve never tried anything from Anastasia but would love too! I usually just use my Milani Brow fit Kit in Light and use an angled brow brush and it does the job! 🙂 xo

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