What’s in my Beach / Pool Bag? | Summer 2015

Hello there, beautiful people of the internet!

Today, I bring to you a bag full of summery goodness. I hope that you will enjoy seeing all of the bits and bobs that I always take with me to the beach or pool!  Let’s get to it!

IMG_0546IMG_0538IMG_0678 IMG_0619

First off, we of course need the bag itself to fill up… I got mine from Aeropostale and I LOVE how summery and bright it is!  It buttons at the top and doesn’t zip, so I always make sure nothing spills out.

In my bag, I have… guess what… ANOTHER BAG!  Woah.  It’s bagception.  This is my makeup bag to be exact.  I received this from Ipsy a few months back. (if you can’t see it in the picture, it is because it is buried under all the makeup hehe)

IMG_0590 IMG_0588 IMG_0584 IMG_0583 IMG_0582 IMG_0581

Inside this magical bag, we shall find some beauty products that I think are very helpful by the pool or at the beach! I have only packed the necessities, so nothing crazy here.

First things first, we have to protect that skin!  I love Jergen’s Natural Glow face lotion.  i have mine in the light/medium shade and it protects my skin with SPF 20 while also giving it a little color!

IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0664

For my body, I love using Sun Bum’s SPF 50, because the bottle is cute and IT SMELLS SO GOOD.

IMG_0653 IMG_0660 IMG_0651

Of course, we’ll need some lip balm and I have recently become OBSESSED with this watermelon lip butter from the Body Shop.  It smells like heaven and is perfect all around.

IMG_0647 IMG_0646

I then have my waterproof Covergirl mascara so that my eyes can still look fabulous. 😉


I am also taking a cream shadow from Benefit Cosmetics in the shade My Two Cents, because it is SO beautiful and extremely easy to apply when you feel like your eyes need a little extra sparkle.  Also, since it is a bronze-y/copper-y shade, it will really bring out blue eyes (and look amazing on every color).


Next, I may need a little concealer, so I’ve chosen my trusty ol’ Trumatch in the shade N 4-5.  I can’t recommend this concealer enough!  It covers my under eyes and any blemishes without creasing or ever looking cakey.


To set my concealer, I have also brought along my Revlon translucent powder and my Essence Kabuki brush to do the trick.

IMG_0634 IMG_0633IMG_0636

In case my skin gets oily, I have brought along some NYX blotting papers.  I ALWAYS end up needing these when it’s hot out, so I can’t forget them!

IMG_0625 IMG_0629

In case I want to freshen up, I bring my Refresh wipes so that I am not all sweaty and uncomfortable.  I love being able to wipe off my neck and face or anything that I brought along that may have gotten dirty.  We all know some juice or something sticky WILL get all over your hands somehow, someway at the beach and you will wish that you had a wipe to solve your problems. 😉

IMG_0626 IMG_0627

Speaking of freshening up, it’s always a good idea to bring deodorant and perfume with you, too!  I love Secret’s Hawaii scented deodorant and Victoria Secret’s Red Plum and Freesia perfume.

IMG_0628 IMG_0624 IMG_0600 IMG_0599

Of course, we’ll need a bikini in there, too, so I have brought along this gorgeous, flowery bikini top from H&M and some plain, black bottoms from Target.


While we’re at the beach, of course, we need a book to read, so I have here an old favorite: Selection by Kiera Cass.  This is a great, quick read.  It is a YA/dystopian/romance about a poor girl who against all odds gets accepted into a competition to someday be queen and marry the prince.

IMG_0573 IMG_0574

We’ll also need some nice sunnies to block out the haters (and sun rays, too).

IMG_0672 (1) IMG_0673 IMG_0576

We can’t forget the necessities like our beach towel and cover up in case we need to go somewhere and don’t want to walk around in a bikini.  I purchased my beach towel in Hawaii and my romper is from H&M.  I am OBSESSED with it!  I have always searched for a romper that ACTUALLY fit and looked cute on without an odd poof of fabric in the stomach and this one is perfect!  Also, it is a very good price since it’s from H&M! 🙂  BUT the absolute best part about this romper?… It has POCKETS. I just love pockets, they make life more fun.

IMG_0610 IMG_0609 IMG_0616

We’ll probably need something to tame that wild, ocean hair, so I’ve brought some nourishing oil elixir from John Frieda that works WONDERS on frizzy and tangly hair.  Also, I have with me a Sephora hairbrush, which I don’t think is sold anymore, very, very sadly.  I am so in love with this brush.  I have used it for years… I think 5 to be exact and although it’s beginning to fall apart, nothing separates my tangles better than this brush!  Other brushes can’t compare and always painfully rip my hair follicles out of my skull, but THIS one… it’s perfection and gently combs away my rat’s nest of knotted hair like it’s nothing.  SEPHORA, YOU NEED TO CARRY THESE AGAIN.  Anywho… after I’ve sorted out my hair, I will probably want to put it up, so a scrunchie is very necessary to bring along, also. 🙂

IMG_0639 IMG_0638

Since I need hourly feedings, I will most definitely get hungry at the beach and need to bring along a cooler! Inside my little lunch box, I have some ice packs to keep my food nice and cold. I’ve brought along my Starbucks cup from Hawaii with some water so I can stay hydrated.  I’ve also packed some Somersaults, which are delicious little crunchy sunflower seed snacks of salty goodness, my absolute FAVORITE yogurt, which is Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (Peach is the best flavor, but I’ve brought strawberry), a container of some delicious berries, a Quest Bar, because I’ obsessed with them, and some Trident gum in a nice fruity flavor. 🙂

IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_0563 IMG_0559 IMG_0558 IMG_0562

And that, my friends is the bottom of this seemingly bottomless beach bag!  I hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing what I take along to the pool or beach!  Until next time, lovelies! 🙂



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