My Summer Essentials! | Beauty Products, Books, and More!

Hello, my beautiful people!

Long time no blog!  I am back now that the summer is here and I am really looking forward to blogging MUCH more often since it is something I really enjoy!  Also, I now have a camera so I will be posting many more pictures!  What better way to kick off the season of summer than a post with all of my necessities? Let’s get to it!

I will start this off with something that I have been LOVING for making memories with friends; my polaroid camera!  I seriously love this thing and I think polaroid pictures are absolutely adorable!  This camera is perfect for snapping the perfect picture on the beach and being super tumblr-y with your friends. 🙂 If you do not have one of these, you can have pictures printed in polaroid form and they will be super cute!  I really want to get a scrapbook to put all of the pictures in or come up with a DIY to hang them. If y’all would be interested in that kind of post, let me know!

IMG_0125 IMG_0120 IMG_0119 IMG_0122

Some skincare products that I have been using are the Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Body Scrub from Bath & Bodyworks, Amande Shower Oil from L’occitane, and Pink’s Surf Day Body Lotion.  Of course I need to fix those scaly legs for summertime, so I have been really enjoying this scrub.  It does the job and smells great!  This scrub is not super grainy so it does not work quite as well as some other scrubs, but I like that because it does not dry out my skin and I can actually use it all over my body to exfoliate instead of just my legs. The shower oil is sent from the heavens because it smells AMAZING and has 1,001 uses.  Okay maybe not that many, but it is quite useful.  It is a body wash and can be used as a shave cream (which it works wonderfully as) AND it is really hydrating… Also, did I mention it smells amazing?  It smells amazing.  The Surf Day Body Lotion makes me feel super summery when using it, which is essential for this post, so this product fits in here perfectly.  I think it is super hydrating, it dries pretty quickly on the skin and does not leave me feeling super oily, but most of all, I just really love the smell!  It’s summer in a bottle, people.  You probably need it.

IMG_0130 IMG_0129

Some more products that are pretty amazing are the Red Plum and Freesia scented perfume from Victoria’s Secret’s pure Seduction line, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Face Lotion, and Jergen’s Natural Glow Body Lotion (the face lotion is great, too!).  I cannot explain to you the depth of my love for these products.  This is proven by the fact that this perfume was in one of my favorites from LAST summer…  hehe.  I still use it every. day. And I will always love the smell of it -it smells like perfection.   It is fresh and sweet, but not too sweet.  It just smells amazing and that is the only way to properly describe it.  I do not normally finish bottles of perfume that are THIS big, so I will feel very accomplished when this runs out!  Onto the lotion… where do I begin?  It’s THE best face lotion that I have ever used!  My skin has been unusually clear lately and I think it is largely in part to this product.  It does not clog my pores and it soaks into my skin quickly without making it shiny and it works AMAZINGLY under makeup without giving me a greasy face when I don’t wait long enough after using this to apply my foundation.  Even though it soaks in quickly, it does not leave my skin still feeling dry afterwards… it just feels perfect!  I love this stuff and cannot wait to try more Clinique skincare after how much I love this!  Lastly, the Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion is AHHH-MAZING for when you want to have a super natural and beautiful glow!  Let me tell you, if you use this stuff daily, your tan can really build up!  I found that after using it for about a week, my skin was DEFINITELY a few shades darker, but it still looked SO natural and the color didn’t look orange or streaky.  I think this is a much better option for me than fake tan, because it is so low maintenance, looks more natural, and it smells like summer! 🙂  The prize of the tan makes me more motivated to take care of my skin and actually moisturize when I am usually too lazy to bother.  heh.

IMG_0140 (1)

Alrighty, onto the next little group of products that I’ve put together!  I have been loving Mac’s Amber X 9 Eyeshadow Palette.  If you have been looking for a good palette for traveling that has everything you could possibly need and is super high quality… this is it.  It has every color I could need whilst traveling or any time really -gotta love those neutrals- and the pigmentation is great!  The size is perfect to throw in my little makeup bag and is a very convenient, versatile, and beautiful little palette all around. 🙂   Next in this little bundle of beauty goodness are these AMAZING nail polished from The Body Shop.  Where do I start with these?  Firstly, let’s just appreciate these beautiful colors for a moment.  (Shades: Peach Babe, Mint Cream, and Almond Kiss) *tears up*  Alright, so besides how much I love these summery and neutral colors, the long-lasting and SUPER pigmented quality of these is what really made me fall for them.  The formulation is the best out of any nail polish I have ever tried.  And that is saying something.  I have a stash of nail polishes.  Quite a large stash.  But none of them compare to these!  I swear, I could live off of them.  I am super lazy when it comes to painting my nails and if it takes more than one coat, chances are, I will smudge my nails as they drying or just not bother with a second coat at all and pray no one notices.   I never need to do more than one coat with these, they dry instantly, and have the pigmentation equivalent of at least two coats in most other nail polishes.  I recommend these so highly!  If you have been looking for some good polishes, my dear, you now have found them!  Lastly is something that is SO important for me in the summer… good eye makeup remover.  I don’t know about you, but I like my lashes to look good when I’m at the beach and I wear waterproof makeup a lot during this season.  Let’s just say I haven’t had the best experiences while removing waterproof mascara.  I have scratched my eyeball so many times by accident while trying to remove those stubborn piece of black clay that are glued to my eye sockets with their superhuman waterproof technology that refuses to budge.  I have lost count of the amount of times that this dangerous activity has caused me to injure myself, but NO MORE.  I have found an eye makeup remover that ACTUALLY removes waterproof mascara.  Is this real life?  Go ahead, pinch yourself, I was in shock for a while too.  Not only does this Bi-Facil eye makeup remover work AMAZINGLY on my waterproof mascara, I have also found another remover that I may like even more (I like it so much that I ran out of it and do not have a picture… whoops) – Clinique’s Eye Makeup Remover!  It’s like magic in a bottle.  My eyes will never be scratched by waxy lashes again and I will never have to get mascara sludge stuck under my nails after scraping the remnants of my mascara off of my eyes when the remover didn’t do its job!  HALLELUJAH.

IMG_0154 (1)  IMG_0153 IMG_0158

And lastly, OF COURSE I need to include a book in my essentials, because it is SUMMER.  I mean, what am I supposed to do at the beach? I have been loving the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and am on the second book of the series, called Siege and Storm; The first is Shadow and Bone. If you are into the Fantasy/Adventure-y/YA genres, you will probably LOVE these books!  I am obsessed. 🙂

IMG_0171 IMG_0166 IMG_0162 IMG_0161

And here, my lovelies, we come to the end of my little (or maybe not so little, but let’s pretend) pile of things that i use constantly during this beautiful season of sunshine and happiness. I hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe found a few little products that will be helpful to you!  Thank you SO much for reading!  See you next time! ❤



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