My Current Favorites <3

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I have come to show you all my favorite things I’ve been obsessing over for a while.  I haven’t done a favorites post in a while, so I thought that it was about time!  Let’s get to it!

First off, I will start with beauty/body products.  I have been LOVING the strawberry hand lotion form the body shop.  It immediately soaks in, which I love!  It smells like heaven and it keeps my hands from shriveling up and falling off in a flaky, dry mess during the winter months. I love it.


I have been COMPLETELY OBSESSED with The Body Shop’s nail polish.  I CANNOT DESCRIBE TO YOU THE PERFECTION OF THIS NAIL POLISH.  Usually red nail polishes have barely any color and take about 348 coats before you can actually see a hint of color, but THIS one restored my hope and trust in nail polish with its super-pigmented perfection.  I put one coat of this on my nails. One.  Are you dreaming? No. This is real life.  It’s a miracle.  I didn’t even use a clear coat over the top, because mine was old and it still hasn’t chipped at all.  I painted my nails two days ago and usually by this time, my nail polish is chipped all over.  It never stays on my nails.  But this does.  Now my nails will always be able to look fabulous with their flawless classic festiveness.  YAS.


Next, I have been using the BIG shampoo from Lush.  It’s amazing and really does what it sounds like it does.  It makes your hair big.  And fabulous.  😉  This makes my fine, straight hair actually have volume.  Again, a miracle.  Also it just looks really cool since it’s filled with huge chunks of sea salt.  It’s so fun to use and it smells super good, too!


This next item is something I have completely fallen in love with since day one of using it.  Tarte’s Light Camera Lashes mascara.  After one swipe of it’s glorious wand, I knew my lashes would never be the same.  They would be the most long, luscious lashes ever to exist forevermore.  And that is why you need this in your life.  This mascara makes my eyelashes look SO long and it NEVER EVER clumps.  EVER.


I have also been loving metallic temporary tattoos.   They are beautiful.  I love them.  I am obsessed with them.  They are so easy to put on and the glitter in the light even more than Edward Cullen.


Last is the thing that has been completely consuming my life.  A book.  A really, really, really, really, really, really good book.  A book that has been chopping all the feels that have ever existed in my heart into millions of tiny pieces and then blending them into a heavenly smoothie of bittersweet perfection.  “Shadow and Bone”.  Buy it.  Read it.  That’s all you really need to know. I am on the sequel now and I can barely put it down long enough to make frustrated whale noises.  I mean the plot twists!  *pulls out hair*  AGH! It is a fantasy YA trilogy.  The picture below is of the sequel and can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of its cover?  *slowly closes teary eyes*  Alright, moving on.


I really hope that you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite things!  I know all of the pictures have a Christmas tree in the background, but I will hold onto the Christmas season for as long as possible and take down decorations as late as possible, because I will sob if I take them down now, so I’m not. *stands protectively in front of Christmas decorations*  I love you all and will see you soon in my next post!  🙂


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