The Perfect Lip | OCC Lip Tar Review and Swatches

~Hello, Lovelies!~

I’ve missed you!  I know I have slacked a lot this month blogging, but this year I promise to post a lot more!  By the way, HAPPY 2015!!  How did that happen?  2014 literally FLEW by!  I am so excited for today’s post which I have been planning for a while!  I will be showing you swatches from a set of OCC lip tars and I shall tell you all of my thoughts about these products :3 Let’s get to it!

Starting off with the most classic and timeless of all lip colors, RED!  I am seriously impressed with the formula of these lip tars and I think that they feel hydrating while at the same time, making my lips look perfect and not all dry and wrinkly.  My lips were VERY dry when these pictures were taken because I had just gotten over a cold, but when I put this lip tar on, my lips felt great! Also, the color is beautiful!


Next up is the total Barbie color!  Neon pink!  When I say neon, I mean neon.  These lip tars are SUPER pigmented and this color was extremely bright!  It was very cute, but not a color I would wear very often, because like I said, it’s bright.  As in, if you looked at me from even one hundred feet away, you would be blinded… but also mesmerized by its beautiful color and pigmentation. 😉


I just couldn’t hold back my excitement from trying this terrifying bottle of seemingly black tar, so that is what I swatched next.  Surprisingly, as soon as I put it on, I realized that even though it was black in the tube, it was a beautiful vampy purple color on the lips!  It’s buildable, so you can add more to make it as dark as you like. Putting this on made me feel dramatic and fabulous.  I cannot describe how much I love the color of this one.  In fact, you might say I am obsessed with it.


Lastly, I tried on a nude-y pink color, which I could wear very often!  At this point, my already dry lips were killing me after wiping off so many colors, so bear with me and the pained smile in this last swatch… hehe Also, the lighting made it look like a bright pink, but it’s actually much less of a bubblegum pink and more of a soft, nude pink.  I LOVE this color!  It’s perfect for every day and I know that I will wear it a lot!


SO, all in all, I love these lip tars and I think they are amazing!  They are super pigmented and will last FOREVER, because literally the TINIEST amount will cover all of your lips!  The colors are beautiful and the formula is super hydrating and gives the illusion of super supple lips even if they are flaky and dry like mine were!  Safe to say, I am glad to have them and they will definitely be used!  🙂


I hope that you all enjoyed this post!  I will be posting much more often in the upcoming months and cannot wait to be more active on here again!  Love you all!


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