Mini Festive Lush Haul

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I am here to show you the little treasures I got from Lush a few days ago!   I am in love with Lush, so it was hard for me not to go crazy on their website, but I managed. 🙂  Enjoy!

First off, I ordered the Tender is the Night massage bar which smells very sweet and vanilla-y.  The website says it is made with vanilla absolute, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang essential oils. How cute is the little flower on it?  I love it. 🙂  Although, it does leave the skin very shiny and almost greasy feeling for a while and doesn’t soak in quickly.  Still, the scent is beautiful and I think it’s so cute!


Next, I got the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, which I also LOVE.  It smells super sweet and, obviously, like strawberries.  I think it’s just so cute in it’s little strawberry shape. 🙂


I then purchased the Wizard bubble bar.  HOW. CUTE. IS. THIS.  It has a little wizard hat and everything.  GAH. Adorable.  I can’t really describe the scent, but according to the Lush website, it’s filled with “Energizing tangerine, juniperberry and fennel essential oils that help balance the skin, while its warming and uplifting scent banishes stress and helps you recover from the day.”  Banishes stress?  i could use some of that.  So basically, it’s perfection that everyone needs in their life.  If little wizard-shaped bubble bars filled with star-shaped sparkles don’t make your life better, I don’t know what will. 😉


To end this post in a bang, we will close on the most sparkly of them all, the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar.  It’s supposed to be very re-energizing and the website says it is filled with “An uplifting blend of juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils”.  I am SO. EXCITED. to use it!  Who doesn’t want an energizing bath that smells amazing and leaves you covered in sparkles?


I hope that you enjoyed seeing my new Lush products!  I am obsessed with them!  Thank you for reading!


What is your favorite Lush product?

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