My Fall Favorites | Must-Haves for Fall 2014

~Hello, Lovelies!~

I’m back today to show you all my must-haves and favorites for, in my opinion, the best season; Fall! I am in love with the leaves, crisp air, and holidays in this season.  I also love the anticipation of Christmas during Fall along with all of the delicious and warm Fall foods. So, now, let me show you my necessities during this cozy season!

Starting off with makeup, I have been loving a nice matte, brown-ish red lipstick, because I think it just screams Fall.  I received City Color’s Be Matte Lipstick in M7 Cappuccino in September’s Ipsy Bag and I was so excited!  A lip color like this is definitely necessary for Fall!


A simple trick I’ve been using to turn any lipstick matte and immediately more fall-like is by dabbing some translucent powder on top!  It’s SO simple and the, you won’t have to worry about going out and buying matte lipsticks if you don’t have any! Also, this prevents the lipstick from getting on your teeth and makes it last longer.


The next makeup product that I absolutely could NOT live without in Fall is Tarte’s Limited Edition Rainforest After Dark Palette! It has literally everything you could possibly want for your Fall makeup from beautiful gold eyeshadows to gorgeous Fall-y purples and those matte browns, which are a must have.  Also, it’s blush bronzer and highlighter and perfect and it’s so nice to have them all in one place.  It makes getting ready much easier when all the products I need are in the same palette!


Next, staying with the same beauty-product theme are some nail polishes I have been loving!   NYC’s Matte Topcoat can turn any nail into fabulous matte Fall-ness.  A classic red nail is a must-have and I been really enjoying Pacifica’s Red Red Wine when I want to feel really festive.  Lastly, this has been my go-to color for Fall, Essie’s Penny Talk, which is a sparkly gold/silver polish that only needs one coat and tries super quickly! I am obsessed with it, because I get very impatient sometimes, when it comes to my nails, but with this, it only takes me a few minutes and BAM! Nails are done!


I have been obsessed with gold rings for Fall!  Midi rings have also recently become a new love of mine and I just can’t get enough of them!  I purchased these at Charming Charlie’s and they were super inexpensive.  Also, if you were wondering, I got my nails shellacked (Is that how to spell it?… I don’t know, so let’s just call it a gel manicure) at a local nail salon and went for some colors similar to the polishes i just mentioned.


My everyday fall outfit would consist of a lot of burgundy and gold colors and some chunky sweaters and scarves.  My favorite chunky sweater is this tan/cream colored one, from Old Navy, where I also purchased the purple/burgundy shirt, which IS Fall.  I mean just look at it.  It is.  And while I was at old Navy, I also purchased the black, chunky infinity scarf… I love.  I love.  I love.

IMG_1024-1  IMG_1020-1 IMG_1027-1IMG_1040-2

Of course, I need to wear some shoes, too, so now I shall tell you what shoes you would see me wear literally every day.  They are just perfect.  They’re so versatile, they go with practically anything and they are so cute!  On the far left, are some converse, which were purchased in a grey, slightly green color from  Also, the next part of shoes which are black, slip-on Vans were purchased from the same website.  The last pair of shoes are some super cute brown leather boots with a buckle on the side, which I got from JC Penney’s last fall.  I’m pretty sure they’ll still have some similar ones if you are looking for any.  🙂

IMG_1128 IMG_1124 IMG_1123 IMG_1122

Next, I have been listening to these songs to get me through the cold rain that makes me want to lay in bed all day and not get anything done.  Taylor Swift’s new CD, 1989, is perfection.   (I just might be listening to the CD right now, actually… hehe) I am obsessed with every song, because they make long drives in the car turn into dramatic music videos and dance parties, so I really recommend that you listen to it! AND it comes with some super cute polaroids that have lyrics written on them.  If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will. 😉  I also am obsessed with Coldplay’s CD when I just want to listen to some nice, relaxing music.  I love every song!  They are all so beautiful and very calming! Again, nice to listen to in the car while rain is pounding on the windshield.

IMG_1079-1 IMG_1075-1IMG_1073-1IMG_1055IMG_1064-2

Last but not least is THE most obvious favorite for Fall… a candle!  I have found the most perfect scent that completely captures Fall!… BBW’s Spiced Pumpkin Cider!  When I feel like really getting into the spirit of cozy Fall-ness, this is what I will light.  I REALLY need the larger size, because the small one isn’t going to last much longer and I might die when it runs out.  I purchased a cute little candle holder along with the candle, which is also super Fall-looking!  I love it!  It immediately makes any candle put into it look fancy!

IMG_1100  IMG_1092  IMG_1086-3  IMG_1083-1

And with that, my Fall Fav’s have come to an end. 🙂  I hope that you all enjoyed them!  I love you all!  Thank you so much for reading!


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