Obsessed or Depressed? The Original Beauty Blender Micro Minis First Impression!

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I am starting a new series on my blog called “Obsessed or Depressed”, in which I will give you my first impression on a product and tell you whether I think that the product is basically just thebomb.com or if it’s awful! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Original Beauty Blender Micro Minis, which I bought from Sephora for $17.95. I think they are just SO adorable! Make a mini version of anything and I’ll be in love with it! I am OBSESSED with regular Beauty Blenders, so I thought why not try this, too? SO, in this first impression, I’ll be lettin’ y’all know if I think that these leave me obsessed or depressed! And yes, I was very happy with myself for coming up with that name. It rhymes and everything! Dr. Seuss would be proud. 😉

Alright, let’s begin with the packaging and just the way the product itself looks. As I already said, these are adorable and I love everything about the way they look. I love to store my Beauty Blenders in the containers that they come in, so yes, I love the packaging, too, even though it’s just plastic.


After testing these out today, I realized that I not only love how cute they are, but also, the way that they work! These are perfect for really precise jobs of contouring and highlighting and I also love how they helped me cover zits and blended out the concealer perfectly, without actually rubbing all of the concealer off of the problem area. These also work well for under-eye concealer, but I like the way that the regular-sized Beauty Blenders work for that job a little better, just because they are bigger, so they work much faster. However, I do like having these if I really want to do a precise job with my under-eye concealer and want it to brighten up my face and use it for highlighting, instead of just concealing. Sometimes, I find that when using the same Beauty Blender that I use for foundation with my concealer also that while it conceals, it doesn’t highlight as much, since it gets covered with my foundation that was already on the Beauty Blender.  Also, these are especially great for making nose contouring look way more natural than I am ever usually able to achieve and really make the whole job a lot easier.


Overall, I would say that I am pretty much obsessed with the Micro Minis, but it’s not like I would do ten backflips in a row for them… probably just one or two. (if I could actually do back flips, of course) I think that they are GREAT for precise jobs, but no, they are not really necessary to have. If you love to contour and highlight, these will be like heaven for you, but if not, I don’t think that you really need them in your life. I am happy to have them, just because they are so much fun, and if I sometimes want to take a little more time with contouring and highlighting, these will really come in handy. It’s not like they will completely change my life, since I don’t usually do much of that. However, now that I have these babies, that might change, since they make it so much easier for me!


In short: I’m obsessed! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Love you all! Talk to you soon!


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