My At-Home Spa Night / Pamper Night Routine!

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Long time no blog! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but getting back into the swing of things has made me really busy, recently.  Also, I was a little under the weather, so when I had free time, it was usually spent watching TV and being lazy (one of my favorite things to do:).  However, I am finally back and getting on schedule again!  Today I am going to show you how I have a nice At Home Spa / Pamper Night!  Who doesn’t love those? They are the best thing in the world, especially after a stressful day!  It’s always good to pamper yourself!  Let’s get to it!

We have to start off with a nice candle, because it couldn’t be a spa night without one!  I am using BBW’s Lanikai Coconut candle, which smells so sweet and fresh.  It reminds me of the smell of a really nice conditioner, so it always makes me think of fresh showers… *shrugs* I don’t know, my brains weird.


Next up is the music of course!  I love using my little, green iPhone speaker and listening to Pandora.  And NO, it is not to early for Christmas music.  IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME FOR CHRISTMAS MUSIC.


Also, we obviously HAVE to be wearing fuzzy robes, because it just makes you feel more pampered.  This step may not feel completely necessary and often times I just opt for some good ol’ pj’s, but we are going all out and getting in complete “pamper mode” right now, so robes are very much necessary. Get your robe on, girl!


And how could we forget our beverage?  I think this is just the finishing touch to feeling fabulous.  Having a cute delicious drink with you will make you feel extra relaxed and fancy.  I am just drinking water, but the cute cup and straw make it feel more fabulous. :3  I would usually go for some iced tea, but I sadly happened to be out when I took these pictures, so water it was!


Next, we have to get that annoying makeup off!  Once the makeup is off, full pamper mode begins!  I am using First Aid Beauty’s Makeup Removing Wipes, which are AMAZING, along with Neutrogena’s Eye makeup Remover with a cotton round.



And to wash my face, I used Olehenriksen’s African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser.  I cannot recommend this stuff enough!  Its great for all skin types and doesn’t break my sensitive skin out.  Also, it smells like heaven and the foamy consistency just feels really nice. I like to first scrub this on my face with my hands and then switch to my Clarisonic Mia.  I don’t use the full cycle, though, since I do have sensitive skin.  I use the sensitive setting and don’t follow the timed sections that are programmed into it. #Rebel #NotReally


Next is the most obvious thing that we simply MUST do on a pamper night.  A bath!  (With some bubbles, of course) I am using my Mango Bubble Bar, from Lush, which is already half used, so it now looks like a misshapen lump of an unknown substance. (ew, that was a really gross description) 😛 And that is why i have decided to show you this lovely picture of what it ORIGINALLY looked like, which I found on the internet. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.05.04 PMIMG_3373

I then use Herbal Essences’ Body Envy Shampoo and Conditioner.  *sniffs* It smells so good! *Dying whale noises*


If I decide my hair needs a little TLC, I’ll use a hair mask.  The one I used was in my June Ipsy bag… I think… it may have been July.  It smells great and leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated!


I am then using Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Scrub in Passion Fruit and Guava to achieve some nice smooth legs!


Next, I would probably shave my legs, so I shall now tell you all about it.  Too much information?  Maybe.  But we’re all friends here!  I used my new Shick Inuition shaver, which I have heard so many great things about and thought it looked so cool!  However, i would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin like me, because it broke out the skin on my legs, which was not pleasant at all.  I don’t like to bash products, but for me, this just did not work, so fair warning!  Anyways, I used baby oil instead of shaving gel, as I always do.  It just works better for me and makes my legs feel so soft!  I find that I don’t really need to use lotion on my legs when I use this because it moisturizes them and keeps them from getting dry and scaly (one of the horrible things that comes with winter).


I then use my endless weekend body wash with a loofah to get supah clean!  I need to buy this in the full size, because it smells amazing!


Once I am finished with my relaxing bath, i put my hair up in my little twisty towel (which was very difficult to get a photo of, by the way).


I absolutely could NOT live without Got2b’s Oilicious (Ooh, fancy) styling oil, which makes my hair SO shiny and really hydrates it.  My hair is simply not manageable without this, so it has more or less saved my life.


And of COURSE, we gotta protect that hair from heat, girl!  I am using TRESemmé’s Thermal Conditions Heat-Tamer Leave-In Spray. Whew, that was a long name. *wipes sweat off of forehead*


Next is FACE MASK TIME!  WOO! This is the most obvious thing to do on a pamper night, so we shall. 🙂  I am using Olehenriksen’s Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask.  I LOVE this thang!  Again, great for all skin types.  It is super hydrating, but warning, it is quite difficult to get off of your face and I always end up splashing water all over my entire bathroom when I do. Whoops.


Now time to pamper those lips!  I am using Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and Sugar Shine Lip Treatment.  Gotta have those babies prepped for those duck-lipped selfies we’ll take later. 😉


And of course, we have to moisturize, so I am using this Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer (which happens to be the BEST ONE ON EARTH JUST SAYING).  *cough* You probably need this in your life *COUGH* *COUGH*.


And NOW, for the grand finale of our perfect pamper night, we must do the most pampery of pamper things… paint our nails! I went for this pretty coral color from Essie, called Tart Deco with my clear Insta-Dry Clear Top Coat.


So, there you have what I love to do for my At-Home Spa / Pamper Nights.  Now, it’s your turn, so go ahead, woman, pamper yourself!  You deserve it! I’ll talk to you lovelies next time! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My At-Home Spa Night / Pamper Night Routine!

  1. FraggleFrannie says:

    This was fantastic! I did almost the exact routine as you the night before my exams…. in the morning I felt fresh and ready to go! Thank you so much for the advice! : 3


    • lipsticklovely says:

      That is such a perfect idea for the night before exams! I think it’s so important to pamper yourself before stressful things! I’ve found that relaxing and taking time to not think about the tests the night before helps me to score better than cramming information one last time. haha You’re so welcome, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! ❤


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