Online Ulta Haul!

~Hello, Lovelies!~  

I recently did an online haul at Ulta, while I was feeling under the weather after getting my wisdom teeth removed.  Online shopping is the best!  I am so excited to show you guys what I got, so without further adieu, let’s begin! 


Starting off with the brushes, I got a blush brush from ItCosmetics.  It is SO soft!  The brush is very dense and high-quality, so I think it is going to work very well!  I’m super excited about this purchase!


Next up is a little pack of mini, travel-size brushes by Real Techniques.  I had no idea that they were as tiny as they are, when I looked at them online, but they really are mini!  I am still happy with them, though!  They will be great to travel with since they are only slightly longer than my finger.  I think they will fit in my makeup bag very easily!  And I mean, just look at how cute they are! 


I also ordered Ecotools’ Face & Body Sculpting Brush, because I thought it looked similar to Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush, which I have been eyeing forever.  I’ve always wanted that brush, but haven’t bought it, since it is $49.  This brush was much cheaper, at $11.99, so I thought, why not try it? 🙂  I am excited to see if I like this brush, because I just think it looks so interesting.  I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it, because it is very soft and will probably be put to use by blending out bronzer, or something like that.  This brush would be good for pretty much everything! 


I figure beauty blenders still fall into the “Brushes” category, so next up is this Beauty Blender dupe by Studio Basics.  I have two Beauty Blenders (although one is old and falling apart, because it’s been very well-loved) and I am OBSESSED with them.  Once you try a beauty blender, you will be hooked and never want to use anything else to apply foundation or blend out concealer.  I wanted my mom to try out the beauty blender, since I was sure she’d love it, too.  I saw this cheaper dupe on Ulta’s website and picked it out for her, because I thought it looked pretty similar to the shape of the original… except the shape is kind of doubled and it’s not as expensive.  I’m very excited about this!  I can’t wait to see how it works!


Next I picked out these two lipsticks in the shades Pink Icing (on the left) and Lilac Kisses (on the right) by Ulta.  These lipstick are super affordable and SO PRETTY!  I know I will love having them in my lipstick collection!  


I also found an amazing set by Lorac, called the Soft and Sultry collection, which is online only.  It included their PRO mascara, which I am SO excited to try, because seriously, look at that brush!  It looks amazing!  



Next in this set was Lorac’s Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Ultra Black, which has a built-in sharpener and a smudger on one end.  I LOVE IT. It looks so fancy and beautiful! Also, when I tried to wash this stuff off, I saw that they really meant business, when they said it was water-proof! Not even soap could get it off, I had to use eye makeup remover. 🙂


This set also included the Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Star Studded (Olive Green). This trio includes pretty much every color I need for everyday use, so I thought it would be great to travel with and it has a very good amount of each shadow, so I’m hoping that it will last me a long time!  I am in love with all of the colors!  They are so beautiful!


The last thing included in this set was Lorac’s Lips With Benefits Lip Gloss in Mark (Neutral Peach).  First of all, I am IN LOVE with the pretty zig zag of the gloss in the bottle and it makes me never want to open it, because I don’t want to mess it up!  This is a perfect color for me, because it is exactly the shade I would go to for an everyday look.  I already know I will love it, even though I haven’t gotten the guts to open the bottle and ruin the design, yet. heh 



I then found some nice razors to tame da brows with, by Japonesque and decided to order those, too! The covers for the blades even have some nice little eyebrow brushes that will be helpful to use. 🙂


And of course, I had to get some blotting paper for my oily skin, so I decided to try out NYX’s Matte Blotting Paper. I am really happy to have some to throw in my purse now!  I forgot where I put my other pack of these, so I’m glad to have some more! No more trying to dab my face off with a napkin in the car! *happy dance* #OilyFaceProbz 


I also picked out Ulta’s Rejuvenating Bath and Shower Gel in Coconut.  I picked this out for my momma, because she loves anything coconut-scented and I just loved the packaging. 🙂 


Next, I really wanted some gel liners.  Since I cannot manage to make my liner look decent without using a liner brush, I figured it was time I got some gel liner instead of always using eyeshadow!  I got these in the shades Brown and Black, from Ulta.


Lastly, I needed some clear brow gel to hold my brows in place, so I picked this affordable gel, by NYX.  I have never tried this kind, but like I said, it’s affordable, so I figured I’d try it out! 🙂


Now, the reason I picked out so many things by Ulta was because they had a deal going on, where I could get an adorable gift set, if I spent a certain amount on their products (I can’t find the deal on the website anymore, but I’m pretty sure I had to spend $30 on anything by Ulta).  Sooo, I was SUPER excited to get a free, cute bag filled with goodies in the mail along with the rest of the things I had picked out! 🙂



The makeup came in an adorable makeup bag, filled with treasures… and I mean seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS BAG?  I love gold things, so this is right up my alley and I know that I will be using it a LOT!  It’s longer than the average makeup bag, so it fits all of my makeup brushes really nicely!  I love it! 



The first thing I found in the bag was this beautiful dual ended eye liner with the shades black and deep brown.  When I swatched this on my wrist, I found that it was super soft and very easy to use and blend into the shape you need before drying and becoming immovable.  It’s consistency is perfect!  I’m obsessed with it!  I’m pretty sure that it’s waterproof, because I had to use eye makeup remover to get it off of my hand after scrubbing it with soap with no results, so I’m really happy!  I know it will stay put all day!  🙂


The next treasure I found in the bag was Ulta’s Extreme Wear Eye Primer.  I am running low on my fav, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, so this will be great to have!  I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it! 🙂


I next discovered this lipgloss, which I am pretty sure is in the shade Whisper.  It has a nice sparkly shine to it that is almost gold colored. I am in love with it!


I was so excited to find Ulta’s Ruby Slipper Nail Polish in the bag, because it looks like such a pretty red color for the upcoming holiday season!  Nothing is better than a classic red manicure. 🙂


Following the red theme, they included this beautiful lipstick, which again, will be perfect for the holiday season!  I’m pretty sure this is their Matte Lipstick in the shade Sweet Caramel. It’s not too bright, so it could still give me that Christmas-Season-Red-Lip, without being over the top.  I’m really happy this was in the bag!  


I am SO EXCITED to use Ulta’s Super Stretch Fiber Mascara!  I was screaming with excitement in my head when I found this in the bag! I have never tried a fiber mascara that had the fibers in the mascara before, I’ve only used the kind that has to be applied in steps, where the fibers come in a separate bottle.  All of the fibers usually irritated my eyes a LOT, so I’m hoping this can give close to the same effect, without bothering my eyes! 


I was so excited to find THREE quad eyeshadows in the bag!! It was starting to seem like the bag was from Mary Poppins and I was just going to keep pulling makeup out of it!  I am so happy to have these in my collection! 


Next, I found a sparkly eyeshadow that I know I will absolutely LOVE in the upcoming months where holidays make me want to constantly have a pretty, gold, sparkly eyeshadow on at all times.  That is just something that comes with the colder months; gold shimmery eyeshadows, red lips, and red nails. 🙂



I also pulled a beautiful bronzer out of the bag, which is half matte and half shimmery.  I am really excited about this, because it is a good size to pack in a makeup bag to travel with and is such a gorgeous color!


The gift set also included three brushes!  I am really excited that it included these, because a girl can never have too many brushes. 🙂

And FINALLY, we have reached the bottom of the gift bag! *wipes sweat off of forehead*  I am so happy to have gotten the gift bag, because it had so many amazing things in it! I am most excited about the bag, because it is the PERFECT size and I love pretty much anything gold!


My purchase also came with these lovely products, which I didn’t pick out, but am excited to have!  They are some pretty decent-sized samples!  I don’t have curly hair, but I know my mom will love trying out the hair products. 🙂


I hope that you all have enjoyed this haul!   Thank you so much for reading!  Talk to you soon!




Do you ever find yourselves going overboard when it comes to buying makeup, too?  Do you prefer online shopping or in-store?



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