Tarte Limited-Edition Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette Review!

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I will be reviewing Tarte’s Limited-Edition Rainforest After Dark Palette!! I am SO excited to review this item, because it has been raved about by SO many people and now, I get to join in on the fun!  They have been sold out of this at all of the Sephoras that I’ve gone to recently and since this is a limited edition palette, they will not be getting any more in, BUT they do still have them on Sephora’s website (THANK THE LORD) so my lovely grandparents bought one for me! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)



First off, let’s just look at the packaging… IT’S SO AMAZING!  I absolutely love it!  It’s very chic and sophisticated.  (Ooh, fancy words) I really love how it’s circular shaped, because not many palettes are.  The metallic gold snake on the front, with the sparkly purple jewel is so gorgeous!  I already knew I was going to love this palette, before I even opened it up!


On the inside, we find LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED.  I mean seriously, there are six eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer, AND highlight! I think this makes it perfect to travel with, since it’s all in one convenient place!  AND it only costs $38.00!  That is a REALLY good deal!


Let’s look at the face items first.  LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THEY ARE.  THEY ARE SO PERFECT.  AGH. The highlight has just enough shimmer, but doesn’t make you look like you just dumped a bucket of fairy dust on your head and the bronzer is just the perfect shade and never looks muddy!  The blush also is the perfect shade and it doesn’t ever look like too much; it’s just the PERFECT everyday color!  I could live off of only these products and never really need to use any other blushes, bronzers, or highlighters.  I love them.  I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM.


Onto the eyeshadows!  In this palette they have pretty much all of the colors you need for daytime or nighttime looks; from matte to shimmery, light to dark.  There isn’t a black shadow in this palette, but I’m alright with not having as many dark colors, since I don’t tend to gravitate towards them anyway.  There are several darker matte and shimmery shadows that will be perfect for me!  Absolutely everything in this palette has great color pay-off and is SO high quality!  I especially love the shimmery purple and gold shadows since they are such beautiful colors that are easy to use to spice up my everyday look.  I always keep it pretty simple and don’t really add in purples or golds, but these colors are so pretty, I will want to wear them every day!  The purple is just enough of a pop of color, without making it hard to pull off, especially for a daytime look. 


In conclusion, I am just in love with this product.  It’s perfect and high quality.  Everything has great pigmentation and every color is beautiful.  All of the products feel so smooth when you put them on!  The packaging is unique, portable, and beautiful.  The price is amazing($38)!! I would give this 11 out of 10.  I love it.  I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT.  I recommend this palette to everyone, especially those looking for a palette that has everything they’ll need in it for a lower price.  If you wanted an amazing, easy to use palette, with everything you need, THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! 🙂 

I hope that this review has been helpful and that you enjoyed reading!  I love you all!  Thank you SO much for 100+ followers! I am so excited to be able to share my love of the beauty world with you guys!  I hope you all are having an amazing day!



16 thoughts on “Tarte Limited-Edition Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette Review!

  1. janandjot says:

    I have been on the fence about this for awhile, but your review may have pushed me to just take the plunge. Granted I don’t need more eyeshadow the packaging is just so pretty 🙂


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