#OOTD – My Comfy and Cute Outfit of the Day!

~ Hello again, Lovelies! ~

I went shopping recently and got inspired to put together an outfit that’s perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall! It’s cute, comfy and super affordable!  I will have all of the items and where I got them listed at the end of this post! Enjoy! 🙂


This outfit is perfect for the beginning of fall, because it looks cute and put together, with or with our the sweater, depending on how warm it is.  Also, it’s SO. COMFY.  It feels like walking around in pajamas!  Another reason it’s perfect for this season is that the sweater isn’t so hot that you would usually need to take it off, because it’s a knitted material that’s really breathable.  This would allow you to wear it in school or other places, so if you wanted to cover your bootay while wearing leggings, you could, without suffocating in the heat of a huge fuzzy sweater. 🙂

IMG_9476 IMG_9468IMG_9473

Now, I’m going to walk through each piece of this outfit with you guys and show y’all some pictures that I took of them!

 Let’s start with the tank top! I bought this at Forever 21 and I’m in love with it!  It’s a patterned black and white/cream racerback. It is SO. SOFT.  I was super excited when I found this!  It’s cute and comfortable! It goes perfectly alone when it’s hot out and looks AMAZING, when layered with sweaters, so I’l be wearing this all year round. 🙂 Agh, I just love it! 


 Overtop of that tank, I wore a beige knit sweater from Aeropostale. Again, cute and comfy!  This is my favorite sweater I’ve ever owned!  I was so excited that I finally had a cute outfit to pair it with!


The pants I wore with this outfit are black leggings, which I purchased from PINK.  Again, they are comfortable and cute, sticking with the theme of everything else in this outfit!


Now, of course, I needed some shoes to wear and I recently purchased some very cute sandals from Target (a.k.a my home away from home).  They are brown leather with pretty gold accents around the ankle, which make them look so fancy! (but don’t get too excited, the gold stuff is just flimsy plastic)  The first time I ever put these on to wear -which was today- one of the straps on one of the sandals broke, which I wasn’t very happy about as they are brand new, but they still work fine and it will be easily fixable.  I guess that’s why they only cost $11! Oh, well. *sighs* I’m still happy to have them. 🙂  It might seem weird that I hung them in a tree for a picture, but hey, hanging things in trees always makes a picture look fancy, so that’s what I did. 😉


Now, onto the accessoriessss!

On my head, I am wearing a bright coral headband, which I purchased from Charming Charlie’s.  I love how it crosses at the top, giving it a little more interest than a regular flat headband! 🙂


Around my neck, I am wearing one of my absolute favorite necklaces!  I purchased this last weekend, at Charlotte Russe and it was the very last one, so it was obviously meant to be! 🙂


Find all of the items I wore here: 

Necklace – $6 at Charlotte Russe (They don’t have the exact same one on their website, but this one is almost the same)

Headband – $8 at Charming Charlie (Again, no exact match anymore, but they have REALLY cute head wraps that are the same style, just different colors.  Another similar headband is –> this)

Tanktop – $9.80 at Forever 21

Knit Sweater – $28.00 at Aeropostale (Not the exact sweater, but a very close match)

Leggings – $19.50 at PINK 

Sandals – $11.48 at Target

Thank you SO much for reading!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my outfit of the day!  I love you all! 



16 thoughts on “#OOTD – My Comfy and Cute Outfit of the Day!

  1. positivelykati says:

    I love the tank top and the cardigan as well. This is a very well put together outfit and creates a nice look. It’s very close to my style actually and I might consider trying to get the tank top and cardigan. Love it! 🙂


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