My Swimsuit Collection 2014!

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Since summer is coming to an end, *chokes through sobbing* I thought I should try to pack in as many summer-related posts as possible, while I still can! So, today, I’m going to show you guys my swimsuit collection!!  I will be including quite a few suits, but these have been adding up over the years and not that many actually fit very well anymore. (but I hope to be repurchasing them in a bigger size:) I still thought it might help to give you guys suggestions if you happen to be looking for a new one, so I have included them all. Enjoy! :3





This first one is a tankini, from Macy’s, which I included in my July fav’s! I love it, because it’s really bright and summery.  It fits really well and has some cute fringe on the top, too. 🙂 I bought this for around $55-ish, while it was on sale, which is a pretty good deal, considering a lot of suits cost that much for the top or bottom, separately! 🙂



This tankini is getting small on me, but I thought I’d include it anyway, since I will probably be buying another one, just because I love it so much!  I ordered this from Zappos and it cost around $80 all together.  That kind of sounds like a lot, but it’s super high quality and fits really well! (or at least it did last year, before I grew out of it) :p



This bikini is from Walmart! (weird, right? Who knew Walmart would have cute bikinis!)  I love it, because it’s super cute, summery, and bright!  It cost about $10 for each piece, so $20 all together.  This, too is sadly growing small on me (very small, actually), so I will hopefully find this or something like it, again!  Walmart always has amazing and cheap finds! 



This bikini is from Old Navy!  It cost about $40 all together.  I absolutely love it, because it’s so summery and cute… I think I’m saying that about everything, but it’s true!  It’s not so tiny that I feel uncomfortable in it and it just fits perfectly!  I highly recommend that you buy this if you are looking for a bikini that doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall right off of you, strings, tiny triangles, and all. 🙂 It also has a great selection of colors.  This was bought last year, however, so Old Navy might not have this exact suit anymore. 



Again, Walmart has amazed me!  I found this (actually my mom found it) bikini at Walmart, at the beginning of this summer and I fell in love with it!  It fits PERFECTLY.  And I mean just look at it’s patriotic brightness!  Agh, I just love it.  AND it only costs $20 all together! 



Onto the very last suit, which is this ADORABLE peachy-orange and bright pink bikini.  HOW CA-YUTE IS THIS? (very)  As if it wasn’t amazing enough already, guess what!… It’s REVERSIBLE. On top of that, it fits better than any other bathing suit that I own and is my new favorite!  I purchased this last month, while on vacation, in Crescent Bar. I found it in a little shop and it was on sale!  I (my mom, actually… again) paid about $35 ALL. TOGETHER. That’s a really good deal, because this suit is seriously SO high quality, adorable, and perfect all around!  The color makes me look SO tan!  I love it!



I though I’d include this cover-up, because I have been loving it all summer!  I purchased this from JC Penny for about $15.  It is a VERY bright coral color, with striped lace-ish material across it.  The cute design in it shows off the swimsuit underneath and the tie at the back of the suit sticks out of the keyhole in the back of the coverup. It’s just so well thought out! It’s not like all the other ones, where people can’t tell you are wearing a bathing suit underneath, so you look all lumpy and weird.  People can actually see the suit a little, so they know you’ve been swimming, and you’re not actually just a really sweaty person, who just peed their pants.  I’m always paranoid people will think that, after I swim and put on dry clothes, which my bathing suit then soaks through.  It’s just perfect!


I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my swimsuit collection and that maybe it’s helped you out, if you’re looking for a new one!  I love you all!  Talk to you soon! 




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