Urban Decay Naked Palette Comparison / Review <3

Hello again, Loveliessssss! Today I thought I would give y’all a review/comparison on all three NAKED eye shadow palettes, which have been raved about since they came out (which they totally deserve, because they are amazing!). They each cost $50, but even though they are a little spendy, they are high quality and SO gorgeous!  I love them too much to not do a post about them. Sooo, lets jump right in!


Starting off with the original Naked palette… I absolutely love the color pay-off of all of the shadows and it has basically every color you could need, from dark to light and shimmery to matte, however there are not as many matte shadows as there are shimmery ones.  I love me some matte natural brown colors, which this palette has and it makes me very happy!  I do love the packaging, however since it is a velvety package, it can get a bit dirty and I had to clean mine up to make it look presentable enough for decent photos.  With that being said, I still think it looks beautiful and I have had mine for a long time and have used it almost every day and the packaging has been able to stand up to a lot of wear.

IMG_1451-1 IMG_7724

Overall, I give this palette 5 stars, because the colors are absolutely beautiful, it has good packaging, good color pay-off, and even includes a brush with the palette (I love when they include brushes).  I definitely recommend this as it has a large range of colors, from day to nighttime.  I’m definitely happy to have this baby in my stash.


 Next up, Naked 2! I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PALETTE.  This palette is my favorite of ALL TIME.  *motions with hands enthusiastically*  If I could pick one palette to live on for the rest of time, it would be this.  It has all the colors you could need for night or day looks, and has matte and shimmery shadows.  However, like all of the other Naked palettes, there are very few matte colors.  BUT there are SOME, and personally I like to mix a matte shadow in the crease with shimmery colors on the lid and brow bone.  Again, it comes with a brush, except this time, it’s double ended, and I absolutely love this brush (you should know I have an obsession with makeup brushes).  I give this palette 6 stars because 5 just won’t do.  This is my holy grail palette and it definitely deserves 6. ;p  Please excuse it’s messiness because it is just well loved. XD



Allll right, everyone! Onto the last palette… Naked 3!! This pallet is SO. GORGEOUS. The colors have AMAZING pigmentation and long lasting power. It has a range from light to dark shadows, so again is good for all occasions and CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE PACKAGING. OH BABY JESUS IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Howeverrr, all of the shadows in this palette are very warm colors; they all have a pink-ish tint to them (or are just plain pink). I don’t love these kinds of colors on my eyes as much as the shadows in Naked 2, or even the original Naked palette, but they are so incredibly beautiful that I have to still give this 5 stars. It’s amazing and so fun to have in my collection! (oh and again, it comes with a double ended brush of perfection and I love it)


So, in conclusion, you can see that I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with each of these palettes, because they all have lasting power, great pigmentation, good packaging, beautiful colors, and are sent from the heavens.  BUT in my opinion, the best palette is Naked 2, because I love the range of colors in that palette.  I recommend ALL of these palettes SO. MUCH.  I SERIOUSLY CAN’T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. Also, they make great presents! I guarantee pretty much every girl would love one of these palettes.  They are perfection.

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope that this comparison/review has helped you out! I love you all to bits and pieces!




6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette Comparison / Review <3

  1. brightandshiny87 says:

    These are expensive for a reason (although I wish they were at least $10 cheaper). I love the last one and the first one the best. The second one doesn’t go well with my complexion.
    Bright Shiny


    • lipsticklovely says:

      Aw thank you!! That means SO much! I am really glad that you enjoy my blog! I use the app PicCandy for the writing on the photos. I also enjoy using Facetune and Afterlight to make some pictures look better quality, since i use my iPhone to take them. heehee I absolutely adore your blog too! 🙂


    • lipsticklovely says:

      Thank you! Yea I love the second the most, too:) The shadows are amazing! So are their eyeliners! I love how easy they are to apply since they are cream-based, but they dry in place and don’t smudge:)


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